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For the first time in self-help history, technology has merged with metaphysics.

The result of this outrageous technology has aptly been named "Attractor Genie", as it offers results that would be considered pure science fiction just a few short years ago - or even now.

The Lucid Dreaming Fast Track is a comprehensive collection of all these lessons and more.

The Definitive Guide To Lucid Dreaming For Beginners And Beyond! Includes Two Beautifully Presented Ebooks And A Professional Hypnosis Session. Takes You Down The Rabbit Hole, Teaching You How To Have Lucid Dreams And Use Them For Wild Virtual Adventures!


MindMaster has helped thousands of people improve their lives and achieve their goals, even if they have tried many times before...

The truth is that we can learn to condition our minds, bodies, and emotions. Tony Robbins

With MindMaster you can achieve your goals...

Developing Psychic Powers

A Proven And Acclaimed Series Of Books, As Witnessed By Numerous Testimonials, For Developing A Wide Range Of Psychic And Other Powers In The Minimum Possible Time.

Start Taking Control of Your Life Today With Your Limited Time Opportunity of an Acclaimed Psychic Course at a Huge Discount


The Most Complete Resource On The Law Of Attraction And Reality Creation In The Best, Most Cutting-edge, And Most Inspiring Format Available Today. Highly Acclaimed And Endorsed!

"If you want to create money beyond belief the spiritual way. . . even if nothing's worked for you in the past. . . 

“Give Us 151 Minutes, and We'll Show You 9 Ancient 'Taps' that Lead to Breathtaking Wealth and Abundance
-- or You Don't Pay a Penny.

Getting Things Done with Work-Life Balance

Getting Things Done with Work-Life Balance

by David Allen


No matter your level of priorities, emails and calls, you’re only MINUTES from finding a balance. A balance between busy, yet relaxed. A balance between work and home. David Allen’s 5-phase automated system reveals your simpler, most successful life.

With Your Spirit Guide’s Help

With Your Spirit Guide’s Help

by Dick Sutphen


You have a super-powerful ally – a lifelong friend who wants nothing more than to see you succeed in achieving all your goals while you become happier and more spiritually enlightened too. This is your Spirit Guide; a being whose only mission is just to help you achieve yours,  an unstinting and untiring friend who will work unceasingly to help you fulfil your sacred purpose in this life


Brainwave Recordings, Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Success. Crystal Sets- Crystal Activation, Physical Cd's Spiritual And Metaphysical  Tons of Free Samples

 Receive a 20 minute recording in binaural and isochronic format by joining our mailing list on the top of this page. You should experience a "Shift in Consciousness".


Usui Reiki Healing Master

The Usui Reiki Healing Master system will guide you step-by-step through the process of learning how to use the Power of Reiki to Heal Yourself and Others.


It's very easy to learn Reiki with the right technique and anyone can do it with just a little effort.


Brainwave Recordings, Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Manifestation, Success. Now With Hypnoguide Treatments, The Most Advanced Isochronic Treatments Available Today! 

Acoustic Brainwave Activation will change your brainwave activity, mood or state safely, consistently and effectively.

The Most POWERFUL Self-Development Technology on Earth!

Enjoy Limitless ENERGY... Rocket Your IQ... Master EMOTIONS...
Think FASTER... Enjoy Creative RUSHES... Improve RELATIONSHIPS...
Double Your Ability to LEARN... Sleep LESS... Release STRESS... - All By Listening to a Simple MP3


  Million Dollar Marketing Secrets from the Masters

Million Dollar Sales Secrets from the Masters

by Brian Tracy, Jay Abraham, The Sandler Sales Institute and Earl Nightingale

No matter where you are in your sales career or what your current commissions bring, this system will put you in the upper echelon of sales professionals. Our complete audio and video system combines our most proven sales programs from only the



 In The World, But Not Of It

In The World, But Not Of It

by Dr. David Hawkins


In this extraordinary program, spiritual trailblazer Dr. David Hawkins provides example after example of practical things you can do in everyday situations to reach advanced states of consciousness, and accelerate your spiritual evolution while embracing our technology-based culture.

Relationship Strategies: DISC Edition

Relationship Strategies: DISC Edition

by Tony Alessandra

Build bridges to anyone in any business or social situation using the Platinum Rule: “Do unto others as they would like done unto them!” Learn how to instantly identify someone’s unique personality style and adjust your own behavior accordingly, to lessen conflict and quickly achieve your objectives.

The 10 - Minute Marketer's Secret Formula

The 10 - Minute Marketer's Secret Formula

by Tom Feltenstein

Discover how to mine the incredible untapped market that exists within a 10-minute drive of your business! You can implement many of these tactics within 48 hours of hearing them, and see your customer base grow, profits rise, and expenses managed better in just 30 days.


The Longevity Solution

by Eric Plasker, D.C.

The Longevity Solution provides everything you need to enjoy a sensational second half of your life. With these unique tools and strategies, you can create a customized plan to transform your life, fulfill your potential, and embrace your extended lifespan with a sense of opportunity.


Take It To The Next Level: What Got You Here, Won't Get You There

by Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

In Take It To The Next Level, world-renowned executive educator, coach, and consultant Marshall Goldsmith reveals the 21 bad habits that could be holding you back from ascending to even greater achievement, prosperity, and happiness.


Journey To Your Soul's Magnificence

by Pamela Dunn


Take a giant leap forward on the spiritual path with a one-of-a-kind spiritual mentoring program designed to guide you — step by step and day by day — through one full year of soul awakening and enlightenment.


The Living Faith Series

by Bill Hybels, Haddon Robinson, Luis Palau, D. James Kennedy, Stuart Briscoe, Os Guinness, Ravi Zacharias, narrated by Dick Staub

The Living Faith Series is designed to help you meet the challenges of modern living and integrate the teachings of Christ into your everyday life, so you can grow into His likeness and successfully communicate His message to the culture around you.


Success is Your Own Damn Fault!

by Larry Winget

According to Larry Winget, the real “secret” of success is, your success is your own damn fault! If you’re tired of the same old motivational line, then Larry’s one-of-a-kind philosophy will catapult your life into a whole new league.



The Power of Passive Income: Don’t Work For Money, Make Money Work For You

by Nightingale Learning Systems

Are you looking for a realistic approach to passive income generation that will enable you to easily and effortlessly make more money — today, tomorrow, and for the rest of your life? In this incredibly practical, idea-rich program, you’ll discover dozens of simple, safe, low-cost strategies for quickly setting up and activating passive income vehicles in a broad range of sectors— vehicles that will bring you a constant, ever-growing flow of cash with little-to-NO effort on your part.


The Missing Secret

by Joe Vitale

Now you can attract money, health, success, happiness, love and more into your life quickly, consistently, and automatically, using the incredible power of the Law of Attraction PLUS the little-known “Missing Secret” that opens the door to uninterrupted abundance. If the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you all the time … or if you simply want to attract MORE … then this program is going to have an instant and astonishing impact on the results you’re getting in life!


The Urban Warrior’s Way to Health, Wealth, Happiness and Good Looks!

by Barefoot Doctor

For more than 2000 years, the Tao has been recognized as one of the most powerful systems available for achieving a clear, balanced, focused and happy mind. This revolutionary program will show you how to this ancient wisdom to operate with maximum effectiveness in the 21st century. Under the guidance of the renowned Barefoot Doctor, you’ll discover how to take divine power over your life … enjoy happiness, deep relaxation, and unstressed success … have fun … and be better looking!



The Phoenix Process

by Gerald Epstein

The Phoenix Process represents a revolutionary, comprehensive path to physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health and well-being. In these six remarkable sessions you will discover how to utilize a collection of four simple, 60-second, do-anywhere techniques in order to halt your body’s aging process in its tracks …extend your lifespan … prevent and even eliminate disease … rid yourself of panic, anxiety, worry, and fear … and more.


Talent Rules!

by Lou Adler

In Talent Rules, veteran headhunter and renowned hiring expert Lou Adler lays out a step-by-step system that will empower you to hire the right person every time. Lou’s proven methods will enable you to evaluate a candidate based on measurable performance objectives, rather than your own impulses, and make consistently sound hiring decisions that result in a strong, cohesive team that operates at optimum levels.


I Know What To Do, So Why Don't I Do It?

by Nick Hall, Ph.D.

STOP not doing what you know you should do! Unlock the biochemical code that will free you to EASILY achieve ANY goal – for the rest of your life


The Discovery

by Dr. David Hawkins

David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D, has traveled along the outermost edges of spiritual evolution for more than four decades. From calling on God when he was on the brink of death to living as a hermit for 12 years to focus on spiritual study and meditation, Dr. Hawkins is a true spiritual warrior.


Stand and Deliver: The Dale Carnegie Method for Public Speaking Mastery

by Dale Carnegie Training

Few skills will make a greater impact on your everyday life than the ability to communicate effectively, and when it comes to helping people develop that ability to the highest possible degree, no one in the world can match Dale Carnegie Training. Based on their enormously popular and highly effective course, Stand and Deliver is the most complete, powerful, practical program of its kind, and contains the same core information people pay thousands of dollars and spend weeks of their time to get.

  The Wealth Magnet
by Dr. Dolf de Roos

This is breakthrough system that can be applied by anyone. When Dolf de Roos began teaching his real estate students the foundational beliefs that all rich people share, his student's success rate went from 5 percent to over 80 percent!



Breaking the Success Barrier

Master goal-acceleration skills
by Brian Tracy


The world is changing faster than ever before. And with change comes great opportunities for financial and personal advancement. Unfortunately, many people fear new ideas and trends, believing they will have to work harder and learn more to keep up with the times.

 Your Inner Awakening  
by Byron Katie

No matter how much money, status, professional success, or other types of external security one may have, very few people experience true joy and personal freedom. Byron Katie knows this reality too wel







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