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Do Miracles Happen To Ordinary People?

By June Hardy .

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Do Miracles Happen To Ordinary People?Have you ever had an urgent problem ? One that creates havoc in your life? And no matter what you do, you can't seem to solve it yourself?

What did you do? In many cases the immediate response is "Please God I need a miracle!" - or you might say "I'll put it in the hands of the Universe". So what was the result?

If you didn't receive any guidance, or some relief to your problem, you may have grumbled that God wasn't listening, or that this stuff doesn't work. "I don't believe in this nonsense anyway. I guess I have to do everything myself"

But if you got what you prayed for or you got something else that went into an entirely different but better direction then did you respond, "Wow! That's a miracle"

It seems that people misunderstand how the universe and miracles work. They seem to think that in times of need they can just say "God I need this" and God, like a good little helper will just trot out a miracle. They seem to think of God like a magician's helper who will run to do their bidding. Or, because of all the new-age teachings, they think that all they have to do is visualize a solution and "POP" - the Universe will make it appear.

It seems to me that the actual definition of a  miracle lies somewhere in between the two. And it takes something more than the other two methods indicate. It requires faith and trust in the process as well as action. It takes the confidence to say, when the going gets rough . . "Okay God, I'm stuck here and I need your help, but I know that You know what to do, so please guide me. Then you go ahead and do your very best to solve, then simply let it go, knowing that you're being guided. You must trust in the process. Trust that your higher self can guide and support you and you'll be amazed at the solutions that will pop into your head.

So, do miracles actually happen? Absolutely they do. They happen every day to people just like you and me. They happen to anyone the world over.

All it takes is some faith and confidence in yourself that somehow you'll be able to work things out. Then it takes some effort on your part to start working it out. You actually must physically start to work on the problem, then the Universe kicks in and before you know it, your solution has already been manifested and you can say in truth:

"We've Just Created A Miracle!"



Jane Hardy is a Success Webmaster and Writer. She creates blogs and articles around self-growth subjects like manifestation, faith, miracles, attraction and more. Among her websites are  Planning For Success  and  Using Success Programs





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June Hardy is editor of several Motivational Websites and Blogs which are  dedicated to maximizing success in our lives as well as on the internet. Lots of great inspirational stories and success strategies are found on my websites, including  Self-Help Review Site  and on Surging Ahead To Success



Do Miracles Happen To Ordinary People?

Do miracles actually happen? Absolutely they do. They happen every day to people just like you and me. They happen to anyone the world over. Free original articles for your ezine or blog.



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